72 Minutes To Change Your Relationships

Attend a life-changing event! Sign up to be one of 111+ people to participate in LIVE interactive broadcast with Spiritual and Celebrity Life Coaches Debbie and Eliyahu Jian and people from all over the world.

Meditate for world-healing on August 4, 2020, Tu B’Av, the Day of Love and learn how to get to the next level in any and all relationships. The power of group meditation is real. Join us to make a difference.

All proceeds go to Vital Transformation; a nonprofit designed to help you become more spiritual and Rediscover Your Happiness & Power. Register now and save your spot!

When: August 4, 2020, 5:00 p.m. PST. Tu B’Av, the Day of Love.

Why: Be part of the vibration. Be part of the change. Being part of this meditation can change the world. Tu B’Av is a global day of love universally. The full moon and the sun are meeting and it’s the day of love, celebrated internationally.

What: International meditation and lecture provided by Spiritual and Celebrity Life Coaches Eliyahu and Debbie Jian.

Explanation of the cosmic event (moon + sun meet) full moon in the month of LeoSucceeding in love and relationships of all types (not necessarily romantic)Cost is $20.00. 72 Minute Interactive Class and Lecture + Meditation

How: Register HERE! Save your spot, and join us on August 4, 2020.

****All proceeds go to Vital Transformation–a non-profit designed to help people become more spiritual and Rediscover Your Happiness & Power.

About Eliyahu & Debbie Jian:

When high-profile celebrities like Madonna, Roseanne, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Gisele Bundchen, Guy Ritchie and Michael Strahan needed life and spiritual guidance – they reached out to Debbie & Eliyahu. And now you can too!

Eliyahu & Debbie Jian have 3 decades of experience delivering life-changing tips and tactics to help people move beyond the proverbial life crossroad or simply find more meaning, greater purpose, and stronger direction.

Their nonprofit, Vital Transformation, was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles. Vital Transformation is the best free online spiritual educational platform available for people who are truly interested in achieving happiness and success in life.

Joshua Robertson

Joshua Robertson is an international award-winning author. He is also a Licensed Master Social Worker, who received his degree from Wichita State University. He has worked with children and families for over fifteen years in a variety of unique venues: a residential behavior school, a psychiatric treatment facility, and the child welfare system. He has functioned as a supervisor, an educator, a behavior specialist, and a therapist during his career. Mr. Robertson has presented trainings for hundreds of professionals and military personnel on topics that include child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, strengthening the parent and child relationships, and the neurobiological impact of trauma.

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