A Tale of Runes: The Feoh Rune

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  • Letter ‑ F
  • Name  ‑ FEOH
  • Meaning ‑ CATTLE
  • Planetary Rulership ‑VENUS AND THE MOON (TAURUS)
  • Gemstone  ‑ MOSS AGATE
  • Flower ‑ LILY
  • Number ‑ 6
  • Arthurian ‑ LOVE ONE ANOTHER
  • Association words: Cattle, Dowry, Wealth, Earnings, Fee, Conservative

Magical Meanings: Increase of wealth, Increase of property, Protection of valuables, To consolidate an emotional relationship, or sometimes to hasten an affair on to its next stage.

Divinatory Additions: Romantic; go for it, and you will be well received. Financial; complete what you’re about, but don’t start anything new. A slow, steady accumulation of wealth, stick to it,

Reversed: A time, when one will experience great difficulty in consolidating or retaining one’s emotional or financial status. It is indicative that the course embarked upon by the Querent will result in loss or failure, and points to disagreements in relationships, look to the other runes in the cast for the degree of disagreement.

Story: Upright.

Ingrid raced over her father’s fields towards the docks. Sweyn’s ship had come in, and she could hardly wait to see him. He wasn’t the most handsome or wealthy of those who sought her hand, but he made her laugh and was kind. As important, he was willing to work for the things he wanted. She smiled as her eyes swept over the simple brown work-dress that covered her pleasant curves. Sweyn and her were a good match, both would dress in their finery for the docking celebration that evening, but it was still time to work, and fine clothing was expensive.

Ingrid paused in her sprint to open a gate separating the cows that had been set aside for her dowry from her father’s finest bull. She’d made it a point to give the bull access to the cows that would be hers when she married. With her dowry and the calves they would bear, she would be a well-off young wife. Not to mention the prize bullock Sweyn had vowed to bring to their union from his trading. New blood to enrich her herd. Effort brought prosperity, a lesson her mother had drilled into her.

Within a week she and Sweyn would take their oath before Freya, then she would leave her father’s household. Her cows would calf, and by the time they were ready to breed, the new bullock would be ready to stud them. All would increase. It would be hard work, but she had no fear of that, so long as it led to the steady growth in wealth the future promised.

Story Reversed:

Sigyn strode haughtily across her father’s fields, her best dress sweeping over the damp grass. Tuborg’s longship was in, and she wanted to see what bobbles her betrothed had brought her. The cows, that would form her dowry, lolled at her as they stood by an empty water trough. She ignored them. They didn’t matter. She would be well rid of them for silver as soon as she wed. Tuborg wasn’t the smartest man in the village, but his father owned three fine ships and many thralls. It would be good to leave her father’s house with its chores and demands. In the distance, she saw that plain Jane Ingrid playing with her stupid cows. A silly cow herself, she was still in a brown work dress, no fit attire to greet the returning trade ship.  

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Stephen B. Pearl has studied metaphysics for over thirty years focusing on Pagan beliefs, primarily the Egyptian Path though he is eclectic in his views and practice. He considers himself an Egyptian path Pagan Wizard-priest. Which is all to say, he’s tried to make sense out of the craziness that is the universe and has probably made an even worse muck of it. He has read Tarot and Runes professionally on and off for about twenty years. In addition, he created and ran the You the Psychic and Divination the Mystic Eye courses at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. As part of Divination the Mystic Eye, he instructed people on the use of Runes as a divinatory medium. Stephen is also a fiction writer with many works that dip into the paranormal and draw on his personal experience for inspiration. For more on this aspect of his life please visit: www.stephenpearl.com

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