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Heimdall’s 8 Section 3

Alternatives        ‑

Letter ‑ I

Name ‑ IS

Meaning – ICE


Gemstone ‑ CATS EYE


Number ‑ 9/11/2


Association words

Preservation, delay, potentiality,

Magical Meanings

To freeze to preserve to hold matters as they are, or as the proceeding runes have encouraged them to become.

Divinatory Additions

Preserving for later defrosting, bad for emotional relationships as points to severe chilling, can indicate deep-frozen enthusiasm and suggest moving on to another project or simply that the project will face temporary delays. Potential held in stasis may be due to a lack of grounding.

Story non-reversible:

Fjorn stared out over the fields of drifted snow and ice formed the partial shelter of the village gate.

“Don’t be foolish. You’ll catch your death out there. I won’t lose you too.” Sigulina’s voice held a waspish quality it never had before.

“You’re right. The delivery will have to wait until spring.” Fjorn turned and put his arm around his wife. They were both dressed in cloaks and tunics of heavy wool and winters bite still penetrated.

“That’s settled! Honestly, they aren’t expecting you until summer anyway. What are you running from?” Pulling away from him in a huff Sigurlina strode towards the smithy.

“Running away. If only I could run away, but it follows me,” Fjorn muttered and paused to look at the snow. Over the drifts, he imagined he could see a small kern of stones. His vision blurred with tears.

Infant Mortality in History

“She is with your grandparents in Thor’s hall and is feeling no pain,” remarked Edda, who appeared at Fjorn’s side.

“Are you sure?” Fjorn’s voice held a pleading tone.

“Seithkona know the dead. I’d tell you if it wasn’t so. No little girl could have been more loved, and she knows it.”

“I was a fool. My father told me not to get attached. I’ve seen it a plenty, many babes don’t see five summers, but she seemed so strong, and when she started walking and talking. I…” Fjorn started to sob. Edda hugged him, letting the big man purge his grief.

“There will be other babes. This is just winter ice that holds things in slumber to awake in the spring.” Edda patted Fjorn’s back.

Fjorn straightened. “Have you seen this in the fire.”

“I’ve heard it on the breeze. Your future children whisper to me. You just need patience; the time will come.”

Fjorn sniffed. “Not if Sigurlina keeps on like she’s been. You’d think I’d whipped her. She’s barely touched me since Jora…” There was a long pause before Fjorn finished the sentence. “Went to Bilskirnir. Let alone do anything that might bring about a new babe.”


“It will come. There is ice around her heart too. Winter ends. The love you share is just frozen, not dead. You’ll see. Ice preserves even as it holds things still.”

“Thank you Gel… Edda. You’re a good friend.”

“Jokull and I are here for you. Maybe it would help to focus on Ylfa and Brunn. They’re both strong children.”

“They’re getting sick of me. Besides Ylfa is old enough she’s spending most of her time with her mother, learning weaving and such not. Brunn, He’s not ready to pump a bellows yet. I don’t begrudge Sigurlina her time with them, not really, she needs them but… I don’t know.”

“Ice thaws. I need to run. Jokull is taking me on a slay ride to test some new harnesses he’s been working on.”

Fjorn forced a smile for the Seithkona then plodded back to the smithy. Entering the family home, he saw Sigurlina working a Quarm while Ylfa watched. His daughter was the image of his wife, and that brought both melancholy and joy to his heart.

“Father.” Brunn ran to him across the floor and leapt. Fjorn caught his son and spun the five-year-old around in a circle. The boy laughed. Fjorn looked down and saw the ice crusting the outside of his cloak turn to water in the warmth of his family home.

“Ice melts in time and keeps things until it does. I love you, my Jora, until we meet in Bilskirnir, I love you.” Fjorn whispered the words then hugged his son and blinked back the tears.”

Special note: It can be argued that there is questionable evidence for Thor maintaining a hall for the souls of farmers and craftsmen, it is a pervasive idea that the farmers and craftsmen would have felt he did. A place where you could conduct business without the Jarls and Karls messing things up.

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