LifeGrove 2.0

Well how about 2020?

It has been a wild ride, and that is putting it far too lightly. We have lived through one of the most spastic, chaotic years in recent memory. While there have been unlimited stressors from the pandemic, civil rights unrest, elections and more, there has also been growth, healing, and a great awakening. 

LifeGrove was created to be a sacred space where those who have awoken to commune, to grow, to heal, and realize their best life. In many ways I believe that together we have created such a space. We created a blog full of a wide array of spiritual and health related topics. We held weekly seminars throughout the first quarantine to help our audience through rough times. We created courses on the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Gratitude, Mindfulness and much more. We created a space for practitioners, healers, and coaches to connect with our audience. And of course we created the Grove. 

All of these achievements were made possible by our amazing community of brothers and sisters from around the globe. 

What does LifeGrove look like in 2021?

Recently, our beloved friends and founders Diana and Joshua Robertson have stepped down from their leadership roles in LifeGrove. We at LifeGrove want to wish them the best on all their future endeavors. Meanwhile, LifeGrove will continue to blaze a path forward to build on the vision that our founders gave us. 

LifeGrove 2.0 will feature a reorganization of resources including dissolving the LifeGrove Academy on Thinkific and release all content on our YouTube Channel. 

LifeGrove Media will focus on creating quality content across a wide arrays of topics on body, mind, and spirit. This content will be released on multiple channels from YouTube, Instagram, LifeGrove Radio, TikTok, and the Grove. 

LifeGrove YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel will feature a number of running programs including: 

Integrated Practice featuring The Soul Coach Christopher Lee: This program focuses on providing you with practical body, mind, and spirit hacks from intermittent fasting, dietary lifestyles, mental productivity, emotional healing, and heightened awareness of the connectivity of a fully empowered spiritual life. 

AstroloTea Party featuring Reiki Master A. Rose Mapstone: This program focuses on providing you with a fun, light hearted astrological updates. 

Zen Time featuring Cameron Harman: This program focuses on living your best life following the examples of Buddha, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, and other spiritual teachers.

Healthy Living featuring Marina Dymchenko: This program focuses on dietary hacks and lifestyles, emotional health, fitness, and much more!

Manifester’s Manifesto featuring The Soul Coach Christopher Lee: This program will feature Law of Attraction hacks and theory. 

That is not all! We also have all of the old content from LifeGrove Academy already releasing! Three videos per day on our YouTube Channel! Subscribe now!

LifeGrove Radio

LifeGrove Radio our podcast will be hosted by Cameron Harman and will also have a bevy of content coming out in 2021 including multiple programs outside the primary show. Including Soul Coaching hosted by the Soul Coach and Reiki Master Bryn McCalester, Behind the Belief Season 2 hosted by Christopher Lee, and many more in pre-production. 

Alchemy of Soul

Introducing a spiritual retail shopping experience with products ranging from smudge sticks, crystals and grids, malas, Tibetan singing bowls, affirming apparel, CBD products, and much more!

Items from the shop are sourced from small business artisans across the United States and Europe, ensuring your spiritual purchases are ethically sourced and not from labor mills. 

New Items are added daily!

For Black Friday, we will be having a massive LIGHT FRIDAY sale!

Go take a look at the shop!

We want to hear from you!

As we transition into this new model, we want to know what you are enjoying and what you want to see! If you have an idea for a program you’d like to produce, let us know. If you have an idea for an event, let us know. 


The Soul Coach, Christopher Lee

Founder/CEO of LifeGrove Media Denver, CO·Posted Today, November 14

Christopher Lee

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