Seers, Oracles, and Prophets

What is a seer?


The existence of seers or oracles has been recognized since before Biblical times. Men or women—capable of tapping into an unseen source for information and predictions—were once considered to be portals through which gods or spirits would speak. Seers were sought out by anyone desiring to translate repetitive signs or symbols throughout their lives and in dreams. Other times, someone would seek a seer to aid in decision making or finding someone to marry.

Stories of seers can be discovered from any culture in just about any part of the world. Some infamous names in history include Pythia, Nostradamus, The Brahan Seer, Edgar Casey, and The Amazing Criswell.

Prophets vs Seers

Though seers and oracles are not heard of as often in modern times, the prophet is still highly regarded in a number of religions. But the prophet and the seer are two different entities. Whereas a prophet is seen as a speaker on behalf of a higher deity like the Christian God or the Islamic Allah, seers and oracles are believed to be “perceivers of hidden truths.” The seer will see what is unseen by human senses, and a prophet will speak on behalf of what they are given by their god.

Whereas a prophet in one religion will be revered, seers are commonly recognized as someone of unnatural ability and a “sinful” nature. Too often in history were seers put to death for their gift and insight.

What did people use seers for?

A woman might have gone to a seer to find out if she would have children one day. A man may have gone to a seer to discover where his life’s work may take him. A warrior may have gone to a seer to find if he or she was to return home after a coming battle. A king would go to a seer to discover the day or cause of his death.

When life’s mysteries became too heavy or uncertain, a person would seek out a seer or oracle for an answer. Sometimes, simple direction was sought as not everyone desired to know the result of every action.

Do seers still exist today?

Today, people still go to seers for answers on love, career, or for guidance through life’s struggles. Unfortunately, society today has created negative connotations over seers and oracles. Because of the seemingly mystical and mysterious nature of soothsaying, psychics and mediums are deemed manipulators and liars by many. Yet, the search for answers still brings many in search of someone with the gift of seeing the seemingly unknowable.

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