The Tale of Runes: The YR Rune

Written by Stephen Pearl in Divination and Dreams

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Heimdall’s 8 Section 5

Alternatives        ‑

Letter ‑ Y

Name ‑ YR

Meaning ‑ A YEW TREE


Gemstone ‑ TOPAZ

Flower ‑ LILAC

Number ‑ 5



Association words

Defense, success, robin hood

Magical Meanings

Protection to remove obstacles or to miraculously transmute them into steppingstones to success

Divinatory Additions

Defence against Danger.  Querent’s goals are viable. Resiliency in cases of disaster. Difficulties averted. Don’t let worries press you down. This is a resurrection rune.

Story non-reversible

Fjorn pulled back on his good, Yew bow and held his breath. A buck dear grazed in the clearing before him. He had to make the shot. Disaster threatened if the hunt wasn’t successful. Old Ingvarr dying before he paid for the new plough shear and then the iron running dry at the mining sight had cost his family, and with a new babe on the way, they needed the meat.

Yew Bow

Fjorn took aim and let fly the arrow. The buck started but too late. The shaft pierced its side. Fjorn rushed up and with his hunting knife slit the animal’s throat ending its misery. His goal of supplying meat for his family was fulfilled. Using the rope, he’d brought with him; he hoisted the carcass into a tree hind first and let the blood drain. As he waited, he looked around. Rocks protruded from an outcrop. He moved closer only half believing his eyes. They were stained red. Taking a pebble that had fallen from the outcrop, he licked it. It tasted of iron.

“Great Thor, Mighty Odin, Gentle Freya, thank you.” Fjorn could scarce believe it. Not only was it an iron deposit, but it was a full hour closer to the village than the one his family had been mining.

His hopes and dreams were suddenly resurrected. The loss of the old mine and the fruitless contract had speared him on to find a new and better mine. Smiling, he turned to the work of gutting the dear. Like his good yew bow, he had been willing to bend with the strain and so averted disaster. His faith that his goals were reasonable and attainable was restored, and he would return triumphantly to his family who he loved and who loved him.

Stephen Pearl

Stephen B. Pearl has studied metaphysics for over thirty years focusing on Pagan beliefs, primarily the Egyptian Path though he is eclectic in his views and practice. He considers himself an Egyptian path Pagan Wizard-priest. Which is all to say, he’s tried to make sense out of the craziness that is the universe and has probably made an even worse muck of it. He has read Tarot and Runes professionally on and off for about twenty years. In addition, he created and ran the You the Psychic and Divination the Mystic Eye courses at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. As part of Divination the Mystic Eye, he instructed people on the use of Runes as a divinatory medium. Stephen is also a fiction writer with many works that dip into the paranormal and draw on his personal experience for inspiration. For more on this aspect of his life please visit:

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